Monday, March 17, 2014


Thanks to everyone who continues to order and continues to be patient. Everything has shipped. From now on, I will be sending records out every Sunday. I'm just not that organized of a guy and it's easier for me to have a "mail order day" with all the other things I'm involved with in this busy, busy life. This means if you order a record on a Friday, it will be shipped on Sunday. If you order a record on Monday, it will be shipped on Sunday.

Also, Canada Post is upping their rates AGAIN. I'm keeping the Psychic Blood 7" at the price it's at now forever. It's a damn fine single and I would hate for people to not be able to purchase it due to the price tag with shipping. Get in touch for new wholesale rates.

On that note, I do believe the 7" format is dead here at Nerve Hold. I may release a tape or a flexi or an LP when the time is right, but logistically speaking, it really doesn't make any sense to release singles. Should I ever decide to move closer than 4000 miles from the nearest pressing plant, perhaps that will change.

Thank you again for the support.


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