Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Here's some pressing info. I was e-mailed a couple times recently asking for it.

NH-001 Hazardous Waste - Pay 7"
106 on clear green, 300 on black. Approximately 20 records come with silk screened red covers. Since Archer's test pressings are just blank labels, they got thrown in with the regular, stamped press.
In October of 2011, I made 25 covers for the Not Dead Yet festival in Toronto.

NH-002 Hard Charger - Bombs Will Reign 7"
350, all on black. 150 records come with silkscreened covers done by 200printing. An additional 40 test presses were made for a Euro tour that never happened.

NH-003 Burning Love - Demo CS
200 pro printed cassettes with photocopied covers.
An additional 25 tapes with white shells were hand dubbed with press-on ink letters. Sold out at one wild show where Crux Of Aux set off the fire alarm and almost had the show shut down.

NH-004 - (soon)

NH-005 Psychic Blood - Drrrty 7"
400 on black, 111 on transparent red. 8 Test presses on green/black swirl.

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